My session with Meiling gave me hope that I could be the best me. I’ve taken a number of profiling tests which left me focusing on my weaknesses, and wishing that I was of another profile type. Through this session with Meiling, she gave me clear actionable steps to work on. Meiling helped me understand the way I am innately wired. For a while now, I was always to trying fix myself. This is reflective of my Restorative StrengthsFinder theme so I have a tendency to focus on my weaknesses instead. She helped me see how I can grow myself to be the best version of me. This makes me even more motivated to work on the action points.

— Jocelyn Lee | Civil Servant


Meiling possesses the ability to advise and highlight the strengths and blind spots I have, and suggest methods on how to overcome these blind spots with my strengths. She is sensitive and sharp at the same time in that she linked situations I’ve described to her to the strengths that I did not realise I had. She also advised me on how I could enhance my overall behaviour towards work, and to adjust my inner expectations. Overall, I feel satisfied that I am able to have a clearer view of my strengths and apply all of the new insights to my work life.

— Sherlee Choliluddin | Head of Human Resources (Former) | Singapore Red Cross


The StrengthsFinder coaching session with Meiling helped me to (i) become more self aware and appreciative of my strengths, (ii) clarify the motivations behind my strengths, and (iii) clarify what I can do to appreciate and build upon my strengths and inclinations. Meiling has been an extremely patient, non-judgemental, and informative coach! She gave a very clear analysis of my strengths and facilitated the session very smoothly. 10/10!

— Nianying Lin | Health Policy Analyst | Ministry of Health


The StrengthsFinder coaching session with Meiling helped re-align my heart and direction in life. Meiling is an individual who invests in a deep connection with the people she coaches. The authenticity in our discussions and heartfelt conversations really struck me. I’m glad that the entire session felt like I was speaking with my elder sister. I enjoyed the sharing of personal stories in relation to the strengths we touched on. I love how it was a 2-way thing. I especially enjoyed it that there was lots of communication going on, and that there was a special connection that was really genuine! 10/10!

— Yap Chen Han | Youth Leader | Lighthouse Evangelism Church


Understanding StrengthsFinder and the interpretation is not an easy task. But after a session with Meiling, she distilled it into something that was easy to comprehend even for the untrained. Her friendly and caring personality eased the setting, allowing my wife and I to open up about ourselves freely. Her explanation of our StrengthsFinder profiles helped us understand our strengths better and how it could be used to improve our relationships both at home and in the workplace. Meiling is a good listener and has a good grasp of how the different strengths fit well with one another and when conflicts could arise. The way she packaged and delivered the findings to us was simple to understand, yet very insightful. 9/10!

— Eugene Tan & Belle Wu


My coaching time with Meiling was highly insightful, as I now have a better understanding of why I feel restless in my current job scope. For a start, I am a group animal — that became apparent in my session with Meiling. Unfortunately, being a tutor is primarily a solo gig, and that contributes to my restlessness. She gave me a few options to create a ‘group’ to work with so that I feel a sense of purpose in my work. Second, I now understand that due to my StrengthsFinder Significance talent theme, my desire is to be a catalyst of good change, and when I feel I do not achieve that, I get affected. Also, from my session with Meiling, I now understand that my strengths are Influencing strengths — therefore the need for impact. I want to thank Meiling for the time and obvious research into my own strengths before our meet-up.

— Joseph Krishnan | Entrepreneur & Educator


My session with Meiling helped me understand my strengths better, revealing whether each of my StrengthsFinder talent themes was in the infancy or maturity stages. It also allowed me to identify how my strengths play out when reflecting on past situations and circumstances I experienced. At the end of the session with Meiling, she helped me to identify one practical step to take, which allows me to implement it as soon as possible. Meiling is a good listener who seeks to understand the context I’m sharing about. She also consistently checks in on how I feel about her advice, which makes me feel like I’m being heard. She practices active listening, is calm and patient, is very clear in her explanations, and asks good questions to spark and stimulate my thinking. 9/10!

— Crystal Chua | Manager | Youth Corps


I think Meiling’s conflict resolution and relationship coaching session was very clear and very helpful. I have benefited greatly from it, learning about my strengths and how and why they can be a source of conflict with others. It has helped me to understand the strengths of my partner and myself and how they can cause conflict. Also, I’ve learnt how to speak positive words instead of criticising the other. Thank you for your wonderful guidance and your immaculate preparation. 9/10!

— Rachel Tan | Entrepreneur & Educator | The Alternative Education


My StrengthsFinder coaching session with Meiling helped me see the different maturity levels of my strengths in my life over the past few years. I understand more about my strengths too, thus I’m able to use the information to function better in my personal and working career. Meiling’s very good at listening and spotting out the different areas of my life that my strengths have been in play. The questions she asks help me discover more about myself and the traits that I have or have not been displaying too. She’s approachable and friendly and one feels comfortable talking about oneself around her. I enjoyed how her questions were thoughtful and directive – it helped me think about myself in a way that brought out the best of me. It was very good that we ended off talking about which strengths I could focus more on as it lets me have an area of my life that I can work towards and improve too. She’s clear about the different strengths and how they play out in real life so that helped me make the connection to how it relates to me. I’d rate this StrengthsFinder coaching session with Meiling 10/10!

— Kyaw Thiha Pine | Founder | Pine Photography


The coaching session with Meiling helped me to understand more about myself in terms of my strengths and whether each of my strengths are in their infancy or maturity stages. Meiling helped me to understand how to mature these talents into strengths and whether I’m on the right track. The StrengthsFinder coaching session also helped me to appreciate and celebrate my strengths, seeing them as positive rather than negative strengths. I enjoyed the questions that Meiling posed as I felt it sparked my thinking and led to more self-actualization.

— Rixin Zhang | Executive | The 3rd Space


The StrengthsFinder coaching session with Meiling helped me identify some of my values and stands that I’ve not thought about on my own. It linked my behaviour to my strengths, which explains why I work the way I do. I now understand more why I function better in different settings, and how to use my StrengthsFinder themes to my advantage to make work/life interesting and engaging. I liked how I was able to bounce ideas off Meiling, which helped me solidify floating ideas into thoughts, and which I could get a hold of easier and link them to my other values and behavioural traits. 10/10!

— Angie Wang | Videographer and Photographer | Illuminate Productions


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