StrengthsFinder Belief Theme

StrengthsFinder Belief Theme


The Belief StrengthsFinder theme is marked by strong, enduring core values. These core values help an individual with the Belief talent theme navigate through the highs and lows of life, providing meaning, purpose, and direction to all that the individual undertakes. They also provide the individual with the resilience and courage to stand strong during difficult times.

Those with the Belief StrengthsFinder theme move through life by the strength of their convictions. Often, these beliefs cause them to be altruistic, other-oriented, and spiritual. These values form the core assumptions for the decisions that they make, whether big or small. To someone with the Belief StrengthsFinder theme, money and prestige mean very little. Instead, they measure the success of their lives by how well they’ve stayed true to their core beliefs. Further, those with the Belief StrengthsFinder theme are often the moral compass for their communities and organizations, as they are often the models of stability, integrity, and sacrificial service.

Because of their need to stay true to their core beliefs, some may feel that they’re stubborn, unyielding, and prone to imposing their opinions on others, particularly if this theme is undeveloped and in its infancy. However, at its maturity, the genius of the Belief talent theme is in their ability to become the very message they carry, embodying in every aspect of their lives the core values that they hold dear.


On the StrengthsFinder spectrum, the Belief and Strategic talent themes are considered polar opposites. For an individual with Belief, there is often only one right option because of his or her deeply-held beliefs. However, an individual with Strategic generally thinks that there are always multiple ways to get to the objective. Those with the Belief theme often hold strongly to values such as integrity and high ethics, sometimes to the point of unyielding stubbornness and an unwillingness to listen to other perspectives; those with the Strategic theme look for the most efficient and effective ways of getting to a particular goal, sometimes at the cost of ethical considerations. (This does not mean that the Strategic theme doesn’t care about integrity, nor does it mean that the Belief theme is inflexible; at their maturity, both themes sharpen each other and lead to broader perspectives.) That said, I’ve witnessed scenarios in which the Belief and Strategic themes form a powerful combination: Belief grounds the decision-making processes of Strategic, making the considerations more robust while still achieving the objectives well. An individual or team strong in both themes often find that their decisions, while flexible and discerning in the paths they take, are also grounded in solid core values and a responsibility both to high ethics and the people around them.


At first glance, Belief and Connectedness can look quite similar: both possess a sense of responsibility to the world around them, which forms the basis of their value systems. In fact, the data shows that if you have the Belief StrengthsFinder theme, Connectedness is the second most likely theme to appear in your Top 5 (the first being Responsibility). The difference lies in their approaches to life. The Belief theme falls in the Executing StrengthsFinder Leadership Domain because of their commitment to the cause: individuals with this theme often go above and beyond in their service, working long hours in pursuit of their vision. Connectedness falls in the Relationship Building StrengthsFinder Leadership Domain because of their commitment to the larger web of life: they intuitively see what connects one person or concept to the next, and they feel a personal responsibility to protect and build these links. Because of their core values, those with the Belief theme will sometimes stand apart from people (particularly if the other party has core values that are very different from their own); however, those with Connectedness instinctively see what links a diverse group of people together. Belief finds meaning through the cause or their core values; Connectedness finds meaning through articulating how we’re all part of something bigger. Belief is like the foundation underpinning a tall building, giving it the support and firmness it needs to go up high; Connectedness is like the network of streets linking a whole city full of buildings, where the disruption of one street would send a ripple effect throughout the traffic patterns of the entire city.


The Belief StrengthsFinder theme can sometimes look similar to the Significance theme in its expression: both are driven to make an extraordinary impact on the communities they serve. To that end, they will both get involved in important and potentially world-changing projects because these provide a platform for the desire to make an impact. However, Belief takes on new roles and initiatives because it wants to live out its core values; Significance takes on new roles and initiatives because it wants to leave a legacy. Belief is motivated by an internal moral compass; Significance is motivated by the desire to make the most impact they can. For an individual with Belief, worldwide recognition may mean very little; for an individual with Significance, the knowledge that others may be watching and following their lead motivates them to perform at their best. Someone with Belief is likely to think, “I must live true to my values even if no one is watching,” while someone with Significance is likely to think, “I live true to my values because you never know when someone may be watching.”



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Written by Tan Meiling

Responsibility • Learner • Relator • Belief • Harmony

Meiling is a writer, editor, and Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder Coach based in Singapore. As a StrengthsFinder® Coach, she is passionate about helping people discover their innate potential and celebrating who they are. She enjoys reading, learning, and sharing her knowledge through writing articles. Meiling is also actively giving StrengthsFinder coaching to individuals and facilitating workshops in Singapore.




About Meiling | Meiling is a freelance writer, editor, and Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach based in Singapore.

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