StrengthsFinder ‘Individualization’ Talent Theme

StrengthsFinder ‘Individualization’ Talent Theme


Hi, my name is Marcus, and I have Individualization. There’s a saying that goes, “Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.” And that, to me, is what the Individualization theme is all about. I strongly believe that every single person is made very differently and brings something special to the table.

People often seek to identify patterns in behavior, and then start judging and labelling them as a certain kind of person. But to me, patterns are not definitive. My Individualization theme tells me that we should not box up individuals, as every person is made up of and shaped by very personalized and unique experiences. I guess that’s what StrengthsFinder is about: that no 2 people are alike.

For this reason, I really enjoy heart-to-heart conversations where friends would openly share about their lives and their convictions. I find it extremely illuminating when I get to gather insights about what makes them tick, from what motivates them to what might irritate them.

As a performer and singer, I see my Individualization theme play out when I perform with others. In singing, everybody has a different quality and tone to their voice. Hence, in preparing for a performance, I always find ways to bring out the best out of each person’s ability to make us all sound good as a unit. I often come up with a tailor-made and personalized plan on how to showcase the voice of each performer and bring out the best.

My Individualization theme also applies to the way I view opportunities in life. I’m able to see the unique possibilities and purposes of each task, event, or action. Unfortunately, because of this, I end up focusing too much on the specifics of individual situations, majoring on the minor details and not accomplishing the main task at hand. This is something I’d like to improve on to broaden my perspectives and to acknowledge the bigger picture.

With my Individualization theme, I’m armed with insights to encourage others to be themselves, to acknowledge the very unique qualities that each of them innately possess, and to appreciate the possibilities of unique happenings. Truly, “one size does not fit all.”


Presenting the StrengthsFinder ‘Individualization’ Talent Theme by Marcus Lee from Singapore, part of an exclusive video series brought to you by Strengths School™ Singapore.



About Meiling | Meiling is a freelance writer, editor, and Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach based in Singapore.
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