StrengthsFinder ‘Positivity’ Talent Theme

StrengthsFinder ‘Positivity’ Talent Theme


Hi, my name is Pamela and I have Positivity in my Top 5. This theme allows me to see the good in people and in things even when circumstances are difficult. I also enjoy encouraging people and celebrating small achievements.

My friends tell me that they can talk to me when we’re in stressful environments because I can keep calm and I can help them calm down too. I enjoy helping others and making them feel encouraged and happy.

I feel that Positivity allows me to appreciate and celebrate the small things in life and share this joy with others too. It energizes me with I’m able to spread this joy and excitement to those around me.

I see my Positivity theme played out a lot in my school work. It encourages me to go on even when things get challenging. It also allows me to see the positive outcomes that can come from the challenges I face and I learn to press on with an optimistic mindset. This has spurred me to work harder to achieve my goals.

Having Positivity also pushes me to improve and to try new things in school. My Positivity theme has also helped me to see studying as something enjoyable instead of how I used to see it as a chore. I felt that I could learn so much more from studying like learning to be more disciplined and planning my time well.

Some may say that I’m naive because I overlook the challenges. However, I feel that I do see the challenges. The difference is that I choose to focus more on what is positive in these situations rather than only seeing the negative circumstances. I think that it’s possible to be realistic while seeing the positive outcomes in situations or people. I constantly encourage myself to have my Positivity grounded in reality.

With my Positivity theme, you can count on me to be an encourager, cheerleader, and to help others rise above their challenges.


Presenting the StrengthsFinder ‘Positivity’ Talent Theme by Pamela Ngui from Singapore, part of an exclusive video series brought to you by Strengths School™ Singapore.



About Meiling | Meiling is a freelance writer, editor, and Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach based in Singapore.
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