StrengthsFinder ‘Restorative’ Talent Theme

StrengthsFinder ‘Restorative’ Talent Theme


Hi, I’m Maddie, and I have Restorative in my Top 5 strengths. Restorative, to me, means that I like finding solutions to a problem.

As a student, my school’s the best training ground as it gravitates towards problem-based learning. Whenever I’m faced with a problem, I’m able to come up with solutions to it and find out the root cause and how I’m able to make the situation better.

I get excited when I get to fix a problem. My close friends say that I’m really helpful as I tend to volunteer to help them out to resolve issues. An example is when there was a problem with my school project. My friends all gave up, but then my Restorative came in. I decided to find a solution to the problem and yeah, we managed to solve it! And my teacher gave us a really excellent grade.

I’ve been labelled as “strong-willed,” “stubborn,” and even “not open to other people’s opinions.” But knowing this, this helps me open up to other people’s ideas and develops my Restorative theme at the same time.

In the end, you can always count on people with Restorative to help you find solutions and fix the problem.


Presenting the StrengthsFinder ‘Restorative’ Talent Theme by Madelia Thia from Singapore, part of an exclusive video series brought to you by Strengths School™ Singapore.



About Meiling | Meiling is a freelance writer, editor, and Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach based in Singapore.
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